Jeff Meinecke combines a unique style and one of a kind flare to wedding images. He has taken modern wedding photography to a new level of creative vision. Blending the best of disciplines including photo-journalism, contemporary fine art, and impressionism. Jeff uses the term “artistic photo journalistic” to describe his style. 

Jeff has been involved in professional photography for the last 12 years shooting in Cincinnati Ohio.  Jeff is currently based in Cape Coral Florida after relocating from Cincinnati. Having a background in portraiture, journalism, and commercial photography, he regularly applies these wide range of creative styles to his images..

The use of professional digital equipment has opened new avenues of creativity never before possible with traditional photography. This is an exciting time in the art. Using these new creative tools Jeff has become a master of enhancing the mood and meaning of each image collection. Each image that is presented is first edited by Jeff to make it truly a work of art.

Recognizing the value of continued education and growth Jeff is always searching for new and innovative techniques to improve and grow.